Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meeting #4 Announcement - The Evolution of Hardware Design in the Home Lab

Update: a meeting recap.

EAST Knowledge is pleased to announce it's fourth meeting. Pat Nystrom will be giving demonstrations on his efforts to make it easier to prototype electronics at home. All are welcome!

What:The Evolution of Hardware Design in the Home Lab
Who:Pat Nystrom
Where:The Computer Lab at the Gresham Library (map)
When:10:30am-Noon, Saturday, February 14th, 2015
Why:Sharing what we know

Pat Nystrom led off our EAST Knowledge series a little over a year ago, and we wanted to bring him back to see what he's been working on. He will be talking about and demonstrating two topics:
  • A dry-film soldermask process which makes home-made circuit boards much friendlier to use
  • An update on the development of his manual pick-place machine
Come and learn something new!

Solder masks are used in electronics manufacturing both to protect copper traces and to keep solder from going where it shouldn't.

Pick and place machines are devices used in electronics manufacturing. They come in various sizes, but they are commonly expensive. Pat is working on something that would be suitable and affordable for enthusiasts or prototype manufacturing.