Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meeting #2 Announcement - "Don't Touch That Data!"

Update: a meeting recap.

EAST Knowledge is pleased to announce it's second meeting. Jim Rulla will be giving a talk entitled "Don't Touch That Data!". All are welcome!

What:Don't Touch That Data!
Who:Jim Rulla
Where:The Computer Lab at the Gresham Library (map)
When:10:30am-Noon, Saturday, March 8, 2014
Why:Sharing what we know

There's a serious problem: the hardware is spewing out data, but the answer is wrong. It's too late to redesign, and besides, the product ought to work. Another filter and some ad hoc software will have to suffice — until new problems arise.

Sound familiar? If the textbook analysis doesn't apply to your problem, no filter and no software hack will help. The only reliable way to fix the problem is to model it correctly, then solve the model problem.

I will show how incorrect modeling sets back — and in some cases, destroys — product development. The examples:
  • are real,
  • are simple (when solved correctly), and
  • illustrate techniques you can apply to your projects.
The examples include applications from audio, optical, and communications engineering.

The right model is almost always simpler to understand and easier to solve than the wrong models. Come see how you can simplify your project!